Kick Starting Your Courier Service Business

If you have a courier business you can measure your sales a variety of ways, but it will always boil down to money and how much of it is coming in and how much of is profit.

So what do you do when you don’t have enough? How do you grow your existing client base?

When you don’t have enough business, that is the time you review your business plan. If we are being honest with yourself, you should review it at least quarterly. You can see where your business is compared to your targeted sales projection. You can then start looking at reasons why your sales have dropped off. In this article we shall touch on a few reasons, but it’s not a comprehensive article, let’s face it it would be the size of a library as there are so many variables.

  1. Change of staff, staff who move on in key sales roles may cause a sales dip this can sometimes be avoided by forward planning.
  2. Change of vehicles. If you have upgraded or downgraded your vehicles capacities recently you may find that has a significant impact on sales.
  3. Change of a website, changing your website or email address if done by an amateur can cost you sales simply by not being found.
  4. Competition – in two ways the competition can affect your sales. Your failure to differentiate from it and your failure to notice it.

Competitors can actually help grow your courier business, if theyhave different methods of business don’t think by copying them you will get their business – it doesn’t work like that. But there is nothing to stop you subcontracting their work and helping them grow, as you will also grow. Love thy competitor should have been the 11th commandment.

Talk to your customers, find out what their market conditions are like, if they are having a tough time think on what you can do to help.

  • Promote them on your website, write a customer profile about what they do and promote them to your website’s readers.
  • Think about who you interact with that may be looking for that kind of service and make an introduction.
  • Be genuinely interested in their business, they are your customer after all and helping them where you can creates a stronger bond.

Of course the easiest way to grow your courier business is to sell to your existing customer base additional services, the fastest and most economically viable way is through a newsletter – when was the last time you sent one out?

Hopefully this article will have given you some ideas on how to boost the sales in courier business es. Let me know how you get on.

What Does STAT Service Mean in the Courier Industry?

When something is shipped on a STAT service by a Chicago courier service, it means that is going to be shipped as fast as it is physically possible to do so. In a regular business courier environment, this might not be called STAT service. Instead it would probably be called something like emergency courier service, or rush delivery, or point to point service. Instead, STAT is a term that is used exclusively within the medical courier industry, meaning that a STAT delivery is essentially a medical courier only service.

There are many types of medical materials which are shipped by medical couriers, all of which might be demanded on a STAT basis depending on the situations at the time the delivery is requested. Things like pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, blood, and tissues samples for testing all qualify as medical material. Any of these things may be commonly demanded on a STAT basis rather than at a more leisurely pace.

When something is being shipped STAT it means that lives can literally hang in the balance. For instance, STAT courier service is sometimes used to respond to medical emergencies where there are shortages of certain supplies that were unpredictable, such as during a time of natural disaster. STAT service may also be called emergency medical courier service, the two terms both mean the same thing.

STAT is a term that is used throughout the medical industry not just when applying to courier services. This will often be a term used in a hospital as well. In either case it means the same thing, essentially that the requested service be performed immediately. In fact, the term STAT is derived from a Latin word, Statim, which basically means, immediately.

Medical courier companies that offer STAT service will have vehicles and employees whose only job is to be on call for that particular service. If those companies were to instead have drivers out on other deliveries when such an order came in it could greatly increase the amount of time that it might take to make a successful delivery. This is an unacceptable situation in scenarios where STAT deliveries are required. People’s lives and well being often depend on the speed of a STAT delivery, so there are always vehicles and drivers that are ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice by the companies that provide these types of services to the health care community.

Can Scheduled Orders Be Automated by Courier Software?

You may know very little about how courier software actually works. Don’t feel bad; unless you are in the courier business you are not likely to know. That doesn’t stop courier companies from using their courier dispatch software to try to get your business. For that reason it is important to get an idea of how courier software works and how it can help your business. Knowing what courier dispatch software can do, such as automate orders that are scheduled, can be a big help to your growing business.

Courier software with automation can reduce errors and save time and both of these will save the courier service money. When the courier service saves, so will you. This is why courier services and businesses like yours should be looking for automation in the available software. Automation is key. It is a key element in courier software.

Some of the courier programs available can be a big help in automating orders. You can see this is best with online orders. Programs automatically schedule the pickup of that shipment and send it to the appropriate driver to take care of. There are some courier companies that prefer to keep a human touch involved in scheduling of orders, but scheduled deliveries that have been prearranged by automation are a totally different matter.

Everything has been predetermined with scheduled orders. This means that the software can arrange the deliveries more efficiently. There are courier programs available that can automate scheduled service and do a great job at it. Courier companies that use these programs can spend less time organizing deliveries and spend more time running their business in an efficient manner. This lowers the costs of the courier company who will lower their prices because of their savings. This helps you and your business out. You should always look for a courier company using automated software.

Automation also reduces the chance of errors being made. Before automated deliveries were possible, there were numerous cases of orders being late or not even being delivered. This was before the delivery system was run by computer. The automated features available on courier software will prevent scheduled deliveries from being forgotten and it will run all deliveries in an efficient manner which will lead to timely deliveries. It is even possible to pause and resume scheduled deliveries as it is required. Automation in courier software is a winner for both the courier service and you and your business.