Top Tips for Couriers – Eat Well, Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

If you’re a courier, do you ever find yourself getting drowsy on the road? If you travel on long journeys and find that after a while your eyes just won’t stay open, it could well be as a result of the food that you are eating. If you think that a huge fried breakfast and a burger for lunch is helping you out, then you may want to think again! Do yourself a favour and change your diet to help you stay more awake and alert on the road.


Did you know that apples are one of the best things you can eat to give you a boost on courier jobs and keep you alert in an entirely natural way? Take a few apples with you to eat on your journey and you may find that these keep you more awake than caffeine. In fact, any fruit is a good idea, because it is a good way to get a quick boost to your blood glucose level.

Whole Grains

Eating more whole grains is an excellent way to stay more alert when you are working as a courier. This is because whole grains take longer to digest and therefore provide you with a steady release of energy rather than giving you a huge energy hit followed by an energy crash. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and similar food which contains wheat, oat, barley or maize will give you more energy for longer.

Cold Water

Drinking cold water is one of the best ways to help you to stay awake working as a busy courier. Keep a bottle or two next to you, and whenever you take a break make sure that you drink some water as this will keep you more fresh and alert.

Eat Smaller Meals

Rather than having a massive breakfast and lunch, try to eat smaller meals more frequently. When you eat large meals you get a spike in blood-sugar levels followed by a crash which can affect you later on in the day, so try to keep your energy level constant.

What About Caffeine?

The odd coffee won’t hurt, and caffeine can certainly give you an energy boost. However, it’s not great in the long term because it can lead to a drop in energy later in the day, which might not be good for long-distance courier jobs.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

Drowsiness whilst driving can have serious consequences, and if you are regularly driving on long-distance journeys as a courier then you may want to start concentrating on a diet that will help you to stay more alert. As well as your diet, you should also take regular breaks, exercise more, stretch during the day and open your window to help you to stay more alert.

Courier Delivery Services For International Shipping

First there were the pigeons, followed by the runners and then came the postman and now we have the courier delivery. All of them are different forms of transportation of documents as also articles from one place to another, from one person to another. While the pigeons and the runners were restricted to delivery within short distances, this was broken with the postal system and the courier which resorts to International Shipping for delivery of documents and articles.

Trade and business flourished with times, necessitating means for movement of business documents and articles across countries. Technology too advanced with time and this led to better means of transportation, not only of human beings but also of allied services like that of the postal related services. The postal service served the purpose of transporting documents and articles across nations using modern methods of shipping like the airway and the shipping lines. However, there were a few intrinsic drawbacks noticed in this system.

While postal departments were good enough for sending and receiving documents and items in one’s own country, when it came to cross border cases they faced the problem of differing rules and regulations. No two nations ever follow the same or uniform set of rules and regulations and the same is applicable to the government postal services.

A document or article reaching a destination port of another country faced procedural problems on clearance of the document or article. While a simple envelope with applicable stamp affixed may pass easily on to its correct recipient, the same may not hold true when the package contains articles. For business class, especially, such sorts of packages are common place.

Not only is it difficult for the individual parties, both sender and recipient, to settle out these procedural issues for clearing the package, on many an occasion there have been complete loss of the package all together. Not only delay in time but also financial loss was, therefore, accrued by individuals of both parties.

This gave rise to private entrepreneurs entering into this line of business. Courier delivery services, as they are called, sprouted up across nations filling in this gap which existed in the postal services.

Speed, accountability and ability to be tracked were the primary agenda of each courier delivery service providers. Along with that they added security of the package by adding an optional insurance factor of the articles contained within the package.

Being private operators these courier companies set up branches that are linked to each other across the sea and nations. International Shipping of documents and packages took a new turn with their entry into this business. The main office situated in one country had overall control of operations of its branches established in other countries.

Linking of packages sent by one of its branch in a particular country was easy to trace and clear by the agents of the same courier company in the destination country. The trend slowly changed to door to door collection and delivery. The courier company sends agents to the prospective client’s doorstep to collect the package and then ensures delivery at the doorstep of the intended recipient as indicated by the sender.

Courier companies can be seen to perform International Shipping of packages as a service of premium value. Their charges are, therefore accordingly, higher than normal postal delivery charges. For the advantages that are accrued from resorting to courier service for International Shipment of packages, this higher charge can be considered worth commensurate.

What is an Emergency Courier Service?

Emergency courier service is something that is offered by many if not most courier companies in order to respond to those concerns for shipping which cannot be handled by the regular service options which they make available. Many times this will include services from an airport courier service, as if speed is truly the most important thing for an emergency delivery than anything which is traveling a significant distance will have to be carried at least part of the way via air transport.

You can basically break down the emergency services which are offered by couriers into two different categories. There is medical emergency courier services, and business emergency business courier service. The business model is far more common.

Medical emergency courier service is only offered by those companies which already have all of the required permits and vehicles that allow them to transport medical material to begin with. These couriers have special training and equipment that allows them to move things like blood, test samples, and drugs. Sometimes, a medical emergency arises which demands a STAT delivery, which is what the emergency courier service will provide.

Business emergency courier services are used when time sensitive deliveries absolutely must be made as fast as possible. A good example of when this happens is when a manufacturing or industrial facility has a breakdown and needs parts delivered as fast as possible in order to get back online.

Typically speaking, all methods of transportation will be used for emergency shipping. This means that ground vehicles will be used when most practical, but air travel will be utilized if cross country shipping is required. Helicopters are also used sometimes for emergency shipping if they are deemed to be the most efficient shipping method.

Emergency couriers always have extra vehicles in their fleet which are solely dedicated to the shipping of goods on an emergency basis. If they were to use these vehicles for their regular shipments as well, they could be too far away or already full of cargo when an emergency order came in. Instead, they are kept ready and waiting, usually with drivers notified of being ‘on call’ so that they can be called in on a moment’s notice to make a delivery. This has been found by most couriers that offer this type of service to be the most efficient model under which emergency delivery service can be offered.