How Does Courier Software Reduce Billing and Administration Costs?

Courier companies depend on saving money in order to keep their costs of operations down and to pass on the discounts to the clients. Today, there is a new program on the market that is saving courier companies large amounts of money. With viewing one dispatch software demo, the companies are discovering how they can save. It is also beneficial for the clients of the companies to understand how this is saving the company money. Clients discover that by choosing a party on the software can result in a discounted price to them; making their business transactions a wise decision.

Savings become a huge factor with courier software and when bookkeeping this become evident. Management experts all agree that the time and money spent in your business is best when focused in your area of expertise. This is how companies expand and grow. The more time you spend outside of your area of specialty is more wasted time that will lose the company money and obstruct growth.

With the correct courier program this can create the expert involvement and savings that a company needs in order to reduce billing and administration expense for both the client and the courier involved in business transactions. The purpose the courier company engages in software is to save expense and help to smoothly run their business. The idea is to have the software automate many of the steps that a person would need to cover. For example shipments logged to a specific account will generate custom billing reports automatically and sent to the client- making tracking and reporting obsolete. The software records all the billing information saving time and money.

With good software, a courier company saves many hours of man power each month. Not only are you saving time and money in the office but outside of the office as well. The software will help to eliminate mistakes and automate the process eliminating human error that often takes place. Each mistake made takes time to correct, making the software a time saver.

Time is money, and we have addressed how the software saves time. Each minute of the day is valuable and when you are employing someone for keeping the books, time can be freed up and energy can be spent in areas to help grow your business. Courier companies are saving time and money, and this is all a result of a dispatch software demo.

Top Tips for Couriers – Eat Well, Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

If you’re a courier, do you ever find yourself getting drowsy on the road? If you travel on long journeys and find that after a while your eyes just won’t stay open, it could well be as a result of the food that you are eating. If you think that a huge fried breakfast and a burger for lunch is helping you out, then you may want to think again! Do yourself a favour and change your diet to help you stay more awake and alert on the road.


Did you know that apples are one of the best things you can eat to give you a boost on courier jobs and keep you alert in an entirely natural way? Take a few apples with you to eat on your journey and you may find that these keep you more awake than caffeine. In fact, any fruit is a good idea, because it is a good way to get a quick boost to your blood glucose level.

Whole Grains

Eating more whole grains is an excellent way to stay more alert when you are working as a courier. This is because whole grains take longer to digest and therefore provide you with a steady release of energy rather than giving you a huge energy hit followed by an energy crash. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and similar food which contains wheat, oat, barley or maize will give you more energy for longer.

Cold Water

Drinking cold water is one of the best ways to help you to stay awake working as a busy courier. Keep a bottle or two next to you, and whenever you take a break make sure that you drink some water as this will keep you more fresh and alert.

Eat Smaller Meals

Rather than having a massive breakfast and lunch, try to eat smaller meals more frequently. When you eat large meals you get a spike in blood-sugar levels followed by a crash which can affect you later on in the day, so try to keep your energy level constant.

What About Caffeine?

The odd coffee won’t hurt, and caffeine can certainly give you an energy boost. However, it’s not great in the long term because it can lead to a drop in energy later in the day, which might not be good for long-distance courier jobs.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

Drowsiness whilst driving can have serious consequences, and if you are regularly driving on long-distance journeys as a courier then you may want to start concentrating on a diet that will help you to stay more alert. As well as your diet, you should also take regular breaks, exercise more, stretch during the day and open your window to help you to stay more alert.

Ethics in Your Courier Business

Ethics can be a hot potato, just ask all those MPs about their expenses and ethics, morals and not breaking the rules will all start coming into the conversation.

As a courier business there is no legal requirement to be ethical, it could be argued there is a moral one though. Delivering for another courier company requires that you act in a moral manner and you do not steal a customer from a courier you have subcontracted for.

Subcontracting is a trust based business aspect, if you poach customers from other couriers then sadly you will find that word spreads and you can no longer get work. Who will allow you to subcontract for the if you steal their hard won clients? Who will hand you their business on a silver salver? How will you recover your reputation?

Word of mouth recommendation works two ways, and it will work against you as well as for you. Use it correctly, be praised for doing a great job rather than condemned. Poachers in the courier world are more reviled than bankers are these days, that’s not a good position to be in.

By not carding (leaving your business card) or leafleting at collection or destination points you will avoid any potential accusations on poaching when subcontracting. You may with permission from the courier company that is issuing the work, but other wise – it’s a big no-no. What you may think is a good marketing practice in one industry may not be in another – think carefully before you do something that could damage your credibilty.

So what are your thoughts? Is it good to be ethical in your courier business?