Courier Jobs – 5 Steps To Earn Money

Courier jobs are a very rewarding and interesting way to make money. You do, however, have to follow certain steps and include specific tasks or initiatives within your business or you will not make any money. And lets face it if your not making any money there is little point in running a business. Now some of these steps may seem pretty obvious or rather dull but you would not believe how many people don’t incorporate these and wonder why their courier driving business failed.

1. One skill that you must have is your ability to drive, and drive well! We all know that person whose driving is appalling and we wouldn’t want them delivering an egg sandwich let alone our valuable and important documents. So if you are not a confident or experienced driver I would think again. You must also bear in mind that new customers will ask you regarding your driving record so if you have points on your licence be prepared that they might not give you the job. Also if you are hoping to work as a freelancer for another company they will also require to see your driving licence.

2. Map reading or being able to understand and operate a sat nav is essential. Remember people hire specialist couriers because they have something very important that has to be in a certain place at a certain time. You can’t afford to get lost and turn up late. They will not be interested in the fact that you took a wrong turning and spent six hours trying to find your way out of a housing estate. They are paying you to deliver….

3. Communication is an extremely important step if you want to make money. So if you really don’t like people, or just can’t be bothered to interact and go that “extra mile” then don’t bother. You need to talk to your customers and most importantly listen.. Again a rather simple fact but so so many small businesses seem to forget that without good relationships with their customer base they will soon have no customers.

4. Time management – this is so critical to the success of your courier business. You have got to be organised almost to the point of being obsessed. Organisation is the key to how much money you will make. So if you are “all over the place” not sure if you are on your head or bottom then you will almost certainly end up going out of business. This also highlights why you need to have an effective map reading system so your not driving around aimlessly wasting time and fuel. Being organised ensures that you can schedule more courier jobs into your day with minimum outlay. This of course means more net profit for you. So get yourself a diary, wall planner, computer programme – anything that means you can see at any given time where you are going to be and how much more work you can fit in.

5. You must be able to take your calls!! Maybe I should write that again because if you don’t or can’t YOU WILL LOSE customers. The very nature of the sameday courier business is urgency… If it was not urgent they would not be ringing you they would just pop it into the snail mail or use a regular courier. So they ring you up and get an answerphone message asking them to leave a message, well guess what, they wont. They will just ring someone else who will speak to them there and then and confirm the courier job can be done…

The 5 simple steps above will earn you more money. In business it does not always have to be a firework or eureka moment to increase profit – just some good old common sense usually goes a long way. So please if you are not doing the following or can identify with any of those points you need to make some changes.

Tips For Choosing a Courier Company

Your business has packages to deliver and you need someone reliable to do it for you. You may need an international courier service if your packages need to go to another country or you may be fine with a courier service that just deals with domestic deliveries. Whatever type of courier service you are after, you will want a company that delivers what it promises and gets your packages to the right recipient, on time and for a sensible cost. But how do you choose one company’s service over another’s?

The first thing to do with a potential company is to visit their website and find their client list and testimonials. If the clients are reputable and the testimonials are good then you are off to a great start. To be extra sure about the company, try calling a few of their clients to see what they think. You may also be able to find reviews of the company online to verify their reputation.

Whilst you are on their website, look for their contact page. If there are several ways of getting hold of the company it is a good sign. They should offer some way of being contacted out of hours and the presence of this option should give an indication of a potentially high level of customer service.

Price will probably be an important factor in choosing between courier companies, but remember that cheapest isn’t always best. Once you have found their prices, check out whether you can get a discount for signing the company up as your sole courier service supplier. If you aren’t planning on using the supplier as your sole service provider it may still be a good idea to find out about the possibility of a fixed monthly rate as it may work out cheaper than paying a ‘per package’ rate. Many courier companies can make a special price list and package to fit the budget and delivery requirements of your business so it’s always worth an ask.

It is also a good idea to check the location of the courier service. The closer their office is to your office, the more convenient for you to collect or drop off packages. This should not be a deciding factor though as most package couriers will collect from you anyway, but it is certainly handy for you (and them) if they are nearby.

When you find a company that you think you want to go with, consider testing them out with a few unimportant packages first to see how the company provides you with service. Check things such as the safety of the package, whether the package was delivered to the right person and on time, and whether they can handle express and overnight deliveries. If they come up to expectation, you should then be able to trust the company with your important deliveries.

Ethics in Your Courier Business

Ethics can be a hot potato, just ask all those MPs about their expenses and ethics, morals and not breaking the rules will all start coming into the conversation.

As a courier business there is no legal requirement to be ethical, it could be argued there is a moral one though. Delivering for another courier company requires that you act in a moral manner and you do not steal a customer from a courier you have subcontracted for.

Subcontracting is a trust based business aspect, if you poach customers from other couriers then sadly you will find that word spreads and you can no longer get work. Who will allow you to subcontract for the if you steal their hard won clients? Who will hand you their business on a silver salver? How will you recover your reputation?

Word of mouth recommendation works two ways, and it will work against you as well as for you. Use it correctly, be praised for doing a great job rather than condemned. Poachers in the courier world are more reviled than bankers are these days, that’s not a good position to be in.

By not carding (leaving your business card) or leafleting at collection or destination points you will avoid any potential accusations on poaching when subcontracting. You may with permission from the courier company that is issuing the work, but other wise – it’s a big no-no. What you may think is a good marketing practice in one industry may not be in another – think carefully before you do something that could damage your credibilty.

So what are your thoughts? Is it good to be ethical in your courier business?