Be an Air Courier and Get First Pick of Valuable Trips Abroad!

Make yourself indispensable to courier companies by giving first class service, honouring your obligations, looking smart, and being available for virtually all destinations and willing to fly at any time at little or no notice. Many of the more successful and prolific couriers say they owe their achievements to writing letters of thanks to the courier firm when the trip ends. Okay, so you did them a favour by accompanying their package, but don’t forget that both parties provided a service for one another, and both gained something. ‘Thanks’ is a word that might be entirely appropriate, and might bring you quickly to mind when someone is next needed on an urgent assignment to some distant, exotic location.

Here are more ways to make yourself indispensable:

* Apply to numerous companies, particularly near your own local airports, where you’ll receive priority over couriers from further afield. Contact companies regularly enquiring about vacancies, without making a nuisance of yourself. Constant telephone calls will win you no favours with busy courier companies but a regular polite enquiry letter might keep your application at the top of the pile!

* Dress casually but smart and remember you are representing the courier company. Be diligent and responsible and you’ll enjoy regular assignments.

* Try not to show the low cost or free air ticket is your only interest. Even if it is! Make sure the company sees you as a responsible, caring individual, not a freeloader caring little about anyone or anything but themselves!

* Try not to cancel a flight unless you have no other option. Reliability is what brings you speedily to mind when the company next needs a courier. But none of us is perfect, and there will be times when family or personal problems mean you have to cancel your flight, just as ill health and unexpected emergencies might prevent you from travelling. In such cases, your contract will normally provide for a charge to be levied against you for cancelling your flight, the actual amount depending on notice given to the company. If you cancel at the last moment you will probably forfeit the entire cost of your flight.

For obvious reasons, the would-be ‘professional’ or full-time courier should try never to cancel a flight and only for the most urgent of reasons.

How to Choose Courier Insurance

Like any other businesses, courier business comes with its own inherent risks. If you plan to open up a courier business then you need to be well prepared to handle any risk. One of the important things that you need to know before starting your business Is about courier insurance. In this article I will be providing the basics about courier insurance.

Courier insurance usually consists of two different types of insurance policies. The first type which is absolutely needed for you to conduct your business legally is the vehicle insurance policy. This protects all the vehicles which you own and operate for you business. The second type of policy which is optional but is highly needed to run the business successfully is the courier insurance. This protects you and reputation of your business on a long run.

If you want a good courier insurance you need dot buy both the policies form a single insurance provider. The reasons are very simple, to makes things easy, you will get rid of loads of unnecessary paper works, and most importantly when the times comes to claim the insurance itself, having a single provider makes it more easy than having two different providers. if you were to buy both the policy form a single provider the chances of you getting lower quotes on both the policy is very high when compared that to you buying policies from different providers. This allows you to save a whole lot of money when you are paying the premium for your policies.

When it comes to vehicle policy, if you plan to use more than 2 vehicles then it is highly advisable that you opt a fleet insurance policy. This allows you to get your entire vehicle covered under a single policy and also your premium will be lower when you buy a fleet insurance policy. In order to truly get a lower quote on your vehicle policy you need to provide a clean driving record of the people who will be driving the vehicles. The second thing to show when you apply for vehicle insurance policy is that you park your vehicle in a garage or a safe location when they are not in use, this way you get a low quote in your anti theft insurance policy.

When it comes to courier insurance you can find a cheap quote by searching them online. There are many websites where you can get the latest quotes by leading insurance providers. You can compare the various courier insurance and choose the one which suites your need. You can get a huge rebate on the premium amount if were to buy the policy online.

Courier Jobs – 5 Steps To Earn Money

Courier jobs are a very rewarding and interesting way to make money. You do, however, have to follow certain steps and include specific tasks or initiatives within your business or you will not make any money. And lets face it if your not making any money there is little point in running a business. Now some of these steps may seem pretty obvious or rather dull but you would not believe how many people don’t incorporate these and wonder why their courier driving business failed.

1. One skill that you must have is your ability to drive, and drive well! We all know that person whose driving is appalling and we wouldn’t want them delivering an egg sandwich let alone our valuable and important documents. So if you are not a confident or experienced driver I would think again. You must also bear in mind that new customers will ask you regarding your driving record so if you have points on your licence be prepared that they might not give you the job. Also if you are hoping to work as a freelancer for another company they will also require to see your driving licence.

2. Map reading or being able to understand and operate a sat nav is essential. Remember people hire specialist couriers because they have something very important that has to be in a certain place at a certain time. You can’t afford to get lost and turn up late. They will not be interested in the fact that you took a wrong turning and spent six hours trying to find your way out of a housing estate. They are paying you to deliver….

3. Communication is an extremely important step if you want to make money. So if you really don’t like people, or just can’t be bothered to interact and go that “extra mile” then don’t bother. You need to talk to your customers and most importantly listen.. Again a rather simple fact but so so many small businesses seem to forget that without good relationships with their customer base they will soon have no customers.

4. Time management – this is so critical to the success of your courier business. You have got to be organised almost to the point of being obsessed. Organisation is the key to how much money you will make. So if you are “all over the place” not sure if you are on your head or bottom then you will almost certainly end up going out of business. This also highlights why you need to have an effective map reading system so your not driving around aimlessly wasting time and fuel. Being organised ensures that you can schedule more courier jobs into your day with minimum outlay. This of course means more net profit for you. So get yourself a diary, wall planner, computer programme – anything that means you can see at any given time where you are going to be and how much more work you can fit in.

5. You must be able to take your calls!! Maybe I should write that again because if you don’t or can’t YOU WILL LOSE customers. The very nature of the sameday courier business is urgency… If it was not urgent they would not be ringing you they would just pop it into the snail mail or use a regular courier. So they ring you up and get an answerphone message asking them to leave a message, well guess what, they wont. They will just ring someone else who will speak to them there and then and confirm the courier job can be done…

The 5 simple steps above will earn you more money. In business it does not always have to be a firework or eureka moment to increase profit – just some good old common sense usually goes a long way. So please if you are not doing the following or can identify with any of those points you need to make some changes.