Do Courier Companies Ship Goods For People That Don’t Have Accounts?

There are many times when a company can go for a long period of time without needing to ship anything, especially if they are in a service rather than product based line of work. However, there usually comes a time during the course of any business’s lifespan when they will in fact need to use their Albuquerque courier company to ship something for them. When this happens, the question immediately becomes whether or not they are going to have to open an account just to ship one item with a courier company.

Usually, if you want to ship something with a courier company without opening an account first this is an option that is going to be available to you. There might still be a limited number of business courier companies out there which are only going to ship for corporate clients that have opened an account, but these are going to be in the minority. Most courier companies will have at least some form of their service available to everyone, regardless of their account status.

If you do want to ship something with a courier company but don’t want to open an account first, realize that you’re going to be treated differently than those customers who do have an account with the courier company. The first way in which this will manifest is in the fact that you will have to pay for all shipping up front. You will not have the option of charging the delivery to your account and settling the debt at a later date.

If you ship with a courier company without opening an account with them, you are also not going to have access to their full complement of services. There are a number of services that courier companies offer which are usually reserved for people that have accounts with the company. This will include most of the online features that you have to sign in to use, including online order placement and in some cases GPS order tracking.

There are some advantages to not having an account with a courier company though. This means that you’re able to shop around easily to as many companies as you want, obtaining shipping quotes and ETAs. This can help you find that perfect courier company that is going to serve you best, which will then prepare you to open an account, but to do so with the best possible company.