Is Home Delivery Offered by Couriers?

It is no longer usual for people to take their work home with them, or even to work from home completely for long periods of time. Even more common has been the trend of growing businesses which are being run completely out of the home. What this has created is a much larger demand than ever before to receive business level courier service to households, rather than to offices which are located in downtown cores and traditional office areas. However, most Atlanta delivery companies are adjusting quickly to meet this need, and it is now more possible than ever before to receive courier service to a house.

Usually speaking, the areas that couriers offer service to are defined more by their location in the city than strictly speaking whether or not they are a home or a business environment. For instance, if someone lived in an apartment that was in the same building as many offices, they would likely be able to receive service from the majority of regular business couriers. Someone living in a house in the suburbs may actually have a much harder time getting service from that type of courier.

There are couriers though which do offer service to these areas. Typically, this type of service will be advertised as something like home delivery or pickup service. This means that the courier will travel to areas of the city which are traditionally designated as residential in order to perform all their services. Typically, especially in order to send a package, someone from a location like that would have to make a drop off at a courier location.

Some couriers have this structured in different ways. There are couriers that offer home courier service, but they will charge a fee for every delivery or pickup they make that has to go to a residential area. There are other couriers though which make this their area of speciality. They will make residential pickups and deliveries at their normal rate.

If you’re going to be needing courier service to a home location on a regular basis, take the time to look for that as soon as possible, rather than settling for the former. Even if a courier isn’t charging much of an extra fee to make pickups from residential locations, if you’re shipping often they can really add up. There are couriers out there though which offer great, no fee residential service, you might just have to look around for them a bit.