Ethics in Your Courier Business

Ethics can be a hot potato, just ask all those MPs about their expenses and ethics, morals and not breaking the rules will all start coming into the conversation.

As a courier business there is no legal requirement to be ethical, it could be argued there is a moral one though. Delivering for another courier company requires that you act in a moral manner and you do not steal a customer from a courier you have subcontracted for.

Subcontracting is a trust based business aspect, if you poach customers from other couriers then sadly you will find that word spreads and you can no longer get work. Who will allow you to subcontract for the if you steal their hard won clients? Who will hand you their business on a silver salver? How will you recover your reputation?

Word of mouth recommendation works two ways, and it will work against you as well as for you. Use it correctly, be praised for doing a great job rather than condemned. Poachers in the courier world are more reviled than bankers are these days, that’s not a good position to be in.

By not carding (leaving your business card) or leafleting at collection or destination points you will avoid any potential accusations on poaching when subcontracting. You may with permission from the courier company that is issuing the work, but other wise – it’s a big no-no. What you may think is a good marketing practice in one industry may not be in another – think carefully before you do something that could damage your credibilty.

So what are your thoughts? Is it good to be ethical in your courier business?

How to Choose Courier Insurance

Like any other businesses, courier business comes with its own inherent risks. If you plan to open up a courier business then you need to be well prepared to handle any risk. One of the important things that you need to know before starting your business Is about courier insurance. In this article I will be providing the basics about courier insurance.

Courier insurance usually consists of two different types of insurance policies. The first type which is absolutely needed for you to conduct your business legally is the vehicle insurance policy. This protects all the vehicles which you own and operate for you business. The second type of policy which is optional but is highly needed to run the business successfully is the courier insurance. This protects you and reputation of your business on a long run.

If you want a good courier insurance you need dot buy both the policies form a single insurance provider. The reasons are very simple, to makes things easy, you will get rid of loads of unnecessary paper works, and most importantly when the times comes to claim the insurance itself, having a single provider makes it more easy than having two different providers. if you were to buy both the policy form a single provider the chances of you getting lower quotes on both the policy is very high when compared that to you buying policies from different providers. This allows you to save a whole lot of money when you are paying the premium for your policies.

When it comes to vehicle policy, if you plan to use more than 2 vehicles then it is highly advisable that you opt a fleet insurance policy. This allows you to get your entire vehicle covered under a single policy and also your premium will be lower when you buy a fleet insurance policy. In order to truly get a lower quote on your vehicle policy you need to provide a clean driving record of the people who will be driving the vehicles. The second thing to show when you apply for vehicle insurance policy is that you park your vehicle in a garage or a safe location when they are not in use, this way you get a low quote in your anti theft insurance policy.

When it comes to courier insurance you can find a cheap quote by searching them online. There are many websites where you can get the latest quotes by leading insurance providers. You can compare the various courier insurance and choose the one which suites your need. You can get a huge rebate on the premium amount if were to buy the policy online.

Can Scheduled Orders Be Automated by Courier Software?

You may know very little about how courier software actually works. Don’t feel bad; unless you are in the courier business you are not likely to know. That doesn’t stop courier companies from using their courier dispatch software to try to get your business. For that reason it is important to get an idea of how courier software works and how it can help your business. Knowing what courier dispatch software can do, such as automate orders that are scheduled, can be a big help to your growing business.

Courier software with automation can reduce errors and save time and both of these will save the courier service money. When the courier service saves, so will you. This is why courier services and businesses like yours should be looking for automation in the available software. Automation is key. It is a key element in courier software.

Some of the courier programs available can be a big help in automating orders. You can see this is best with online orders. Programs automatically schedule the pickup of that shipment and send it to the appropriate driver to take care of. There are some courier companies that prefer to keep a human touch involved in scheduling of orders, but scheduled deliveries that have been prearranged by automation are a totally different matter.

Everything has been predetermined with scheduled orders. This means that the software can arrange the deliveries more efficiently. There are courier programs available that can automate scheduled service and do a great job at it. Courier companies that use these programs can spend less time organizing deliveries and spend more time running their business in an efficient manner. This lowers the costs of the courier company who will lower their prices because of their savings. This helps you and your business out. You should always look for a courier company using automated software.

Automation also reduces the chance of errors being made. Before automated deliveries were possible, there were numerous cases of orders being late or not even being delivered. This was before the delivery system was run by computer. The automated features available on courier software will prevent scheduled deliveries from being forgotten and it will run all deliveries in an efficient manner which will lead to timely deliveries. It is even possible to pause and resume scheduled deliveries as it is required. Automation in courier software is a winner for both the courier service and you and your business.