Be an Air Courier and Get First Pick of Valuable Trips Abroad!

Make yourself indispensable to courier companies by giving first class service, honouring your obligations, looking smart, and being available for virtually all destinations and willing to fly at any time at little or no notice. Many of the more successful and prolific couriers say they owe their achievements to writing letters of thanks to the courier firm when the trip ends. Okay, so you did them a favour by accompanying their package, but don’t forget that both parties provided a service for one another, and both gained something. ‘Thanks’ is a word that might be entirely appropriate, and might bring you quickly to mind when someone is next needed on an urgent assignment to some distant, exotic location.

Here are more ways to make yourself indispensable:

* Apply to numerous companies, particularly near your own local airports, where you’ll receive priority over couriers from further afield. Contact companies regularly enquiring about vacancies, without making a nuisance of yourself. Constant telephone calls will win you no favours with busy courier companies but a regular polite enquiry letter might keep your application at the top of the pile!

* Dress casually but smart and remember you are representing the courier company. Be diligent and responsible and you’ll enjoy regular assignments.

* Try not to show the low cost or free air ticket is your only interest. Even if it is! Make sure the company sees you as a responsible, caring individual, not a freeloader caring little about anyone or anything but themselves!

* Try not to cancel a flight unless you have no other option. Reliability is what brings you speedily to mind when the company next needs a courier. But none of us is perfect, and there will be times when family or personal problems mean you have to cancel your flight, just as ill health and unexpected emergencies might prevent you from travelling. In such cases, your contract will normally provide for a charge to be levied against you for cancelling your flight, the actual amount depending on notice given to the company. If you cancel at the last moment you will probably forfeit the entire cost of your flight.

For obvious reasons, the would-be ‘professional’ or full-time courier should try never to cancel a flight and only for the most urgent of reasons.

Advancements in Courier Insurance

It is interesting and encouraging to know that the world is advancing in all aspects. Recent technological achievements support the statement to some extent, but the advancements in the courier world take even the analysts by surprise. The achievements that the courier world has made and the benefits it has added to the other areas of the world are interesting and surprising to discover.

The courier world contributed nothing of any real significance in the early days, as it included many complications and risks in its programs, and in its functioning as well. Gradually, due to the urgency and the need developed by the other areas of the world, brought light to the potential of the courier business and as a consequence, the courier business too took its formal business ‘form’ and was considered as a serious kind of business thereafter.

As things started to unfold, the courier business started to employ new trends and products with respective to the technological advance. Courier businesses began to take advantage of the competitive edge that most of the other areas of the world were using. They transformed their services from the traditional services to premium services and then to executive services. Few courier services have gone even further, and started offering international services – services that are offered between countries. There are even a few courier business services which own their own planes solely for their business purposes.

One might wonder how they achieve such a status and business scope amidst the increasing competition in grabbing the available opportunities out there. Of course, this can be achieved with a serious business commitment and clever decisions. But there is one factor that stands as the backbone and acts as the driving force to the entire courier world – Courier Insurance.

Courier insurance is the most sought after word in the courier world. No courier business service can be thought of without courier insurance involved in the respective businesses. Courier insurance is undeniably the strongest driving force behind the courier businesses. This assures an individual of entire financial coverage over all the possible losses, damages and complications that one might be likely to experience in their courier business.

It is a foolish thing to start a courier business without obtaining courier insurance in the first place. As no one can know what will happen in the next hour, no one can predict the path that a courier business might take. It might shoot to the skies or it might not even get off the ground, if there is no appropriate and proper courier insurance in place. Courier insurance is a defensive strategy that helps an individual to get out the most troublesome areas in business.

There are plenty of courier insurances available in the market. Choosing a courier insurance policy that best suits your business needs is not a risky process at all. One can always seek the help of the internet to get a free quote and all the possible advice and information to acquire courier insurance.

What Does STAT Service Mean in the Courier Industry?

When something is shipped on a STAT service by a Chicago courier service, it means that is going to be shipped as fast as it is physically possible to do so. In a regular business courier environment, this might not be called STAT service. Instead it would probably be called something like emergency courier service, or rush delivery, or point to point service. Instead, STAT is a term that is used exclusively within the medical courier industry, meaning that a STAT delivery is essentially a medical courier only service.

There are many types of medical materials which are shipped by medical couriers, all of which might be demanded on a STAT basis depending on the situations at the time the delivery is requested. Things like pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, blood, and tissues samples for testing all qualify as medical material. Any of these things may be commonly demanded on a STAT basis rather than at a more leisurely pace.

When something is being shipped STAT it means that lives can literally hang in the balance. For instance, STAT courier service is sometimes used to respond to medical emergencies where there are shortages of certain supplies that were unpredictable, such as during a time of natural disaster. STAT service may also be called emergency medical courier service, the two terms both mean the same thing.

STAT is a term that is used throughout the medical industry not just when applying to courier services. This will often be a term used in a hospital as well. In either case it means the same thing, essentially that the requested service be performed immediately. In fact, the term STAT is derived from a Latin word, Statim, which basically means, immediately.

Medical courier companies that offer STAT service will have vehicles and employees whose only job is to be on call for that particular service. If those companies were to instead have drivers out on other deliveries when such an order came in it could greatly increase the amount of time that it might take to make a successful delivery. This is an unacceptable situation in scenarios where STAT deliveries are required. People’s lives and well being often depend on the speed of a STAT delivery, so there are always vehicles and drivers that are ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice by the companies that provide these types of services to the health care community.