Do You Have to Have a Courier Account to Ship With a Courier?

People who ship with couriers for the first time, whether they’re going into a physical location or visiting a website are sure to be bombarded with information telling them how to open an account. This leads to the question for someone using an Albuquerque courier for the first time: “Is it absolutely necessary to open an account in order to ship with a courier?” The answer is, it depends on who you’re shipping with.

Some couriers have a policy of only shipping with people that have an account already opened with them. These types of couriers are mostly business couriers, and they are usually very corporate oriented. Since it is in a company’s best interests to open an account with a courier anyway, this rarely causes any problems.

There are couriers out there with a wider client base though that will ship for someone without an account. However, there are a number of services and options which are extended to account holders which usually won’t be to those who are shipping without an account. This includes a lot of online functionality such as the ability to place orders online, or to receive online billing statements.

Sometimes opening an account with a courier will even earn you a preferred rate. They may also extend other payment options to you with an account making your entire shipping operation a little easier to handle. There are certainly ample reasons to encourage you to open an account, but there is also something to be gained by shipping without one, for a time at least.

This is the evaluation of the courier companies. It is very important that you make sure that you are going to want to do business with a particular company before you go through the hassle of opening an account with them. One of the best ways to do this is to actually ship a few orders with them without an account. This can also help you first hand better evaluate the different pricing structures that might be available to you from differing courier companies.

By shipping with more than one company without an account, you have access to the absolute best way to decide which company you should actually open an account with. Mention that you are doing this to the couriers as well, and see if you can possibly negotiate a preferred rate in return for opening an account.

Things to Bear in Mind Concerning Courier Insurance

There is always a misconception that running a courier business can eventually result in loss and trouble. This statement can’t be denied, if there is no proper preparation before starting a business. And at the same time, it can’t be true because, when the biggest corporate organisations in the world are carefully examined, one can easily find that the top notch corporate organisations made their way into those respective positions by offering courier services. Name it and you’ll find it. Take Blue Dart, for instance. This clearly shows that one does not have to end up in bankruptcy, because there are good opportunities and scopes for a business such as this. If a person happens to end up bankrupt because of a courier business, it clearly indicates that the person did not take the necessary safety measures to protect his or her finances.

Though the courier business offers a large scope to earn huge profits in the corporate world, it also has a negative aspect which, if not carefully addressed, can land you with huge unrecoverable losses. A courier business involves timely delivery of goods in the safest way possible. Any losses or damage that might occur are to be born by the courier agency. The goods can be anything – they may range from simple paperwork to important documents, and even may include live fragile deliveries such as birds or animals.

As the courier businesses deal with such important factors, it is highly advised that courier agencies purchase courier insurance for all vehicles they are using in their business. Courier insurance for your vehicle/s will be at your rescue when you find yourself in trouble. Keeping in mind the risks and huge complications associated with it, it often becomes a difficult task to purchase courier insurance. Even if one is able to find a suitable courier insurance agency, they can immediately notice that the services are offered at sky high premiums.

Despite the fact that insurance agencies offering courier insurance can be difficult to find, one can arrive at a suitable courier insurance agency if they research properly. Though the prices may be a little expensive, it is advisable to have courier insurance – because some insurance is better than no insurance. It is better to have insurance and not have to worry about being caught out without it. Paying your monthly premiums for courier insurance is much cheaper than paying for expensive damages to your courier or someone else’s if you are involved in an accident.

Courier insurance comes in plenty of versions and variations. Explore all the kinds of courier insurance before you decide on one. One courier insurance might be expensive, and with little features and benefits. Another courier insurance policy might be cheap, but the services offered might be the same as something more expensive. Upon further exploration, there is a possibility that you can find both a cheap courier insurance policy with the added benefits. It is also recommended to keep an eye on the changing trends in courier insurance policies. Keep track of the courier insurance policy trends because ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

Top Tips for Couriers – Eat Well, Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

If you’re a courier, do you ever find yourself getting drowsy on the road? If you travel on long journeys and find that after a while your eyes just won’t stay open, it could well be as a result of the food that you are eating. If you think that a huge fried breakfast and a burger for lunch is helping you out, then you may want to think again! Do yourself a favour and change your diet to help you stay more awake and alert on the road.


Did you know that apples are one of the best things you can eat to give you a boost on courier jobs and keep you alert in an entirely natural way? Take a few apples with you to eat on your journey and you may find that these keep you more awake than caffeine. In fact, any fruit is a good idea, because it is a good way to get a quick boost to your blood glucose level.

Whole Grains

Eating more whole grains is an excellent way to stay more alert when you are working as a courier. This is because whole grains take longer to digest and therefore provide you with a steady release of energy rather than giving you a huge energy hit followed by an energy crash. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and similar food which contains wheat, oat, barley or maize will give you more energy for longer.

Cold Water

Drinking cold water is one of the best ways to help you to stay awake working as a busy courier. Keep a bottle or two next to you, and whenever you take a break make sure that you drink some water as this will keep you more fresh and alert.

Eat Smaller Meals

Rather than having a massive breakfast and lunch, try to eat smaller meals more frequently. When you eat large meals you get a spike in blood-sugar levels followed by a crash which can affect you later on in the day, so try to keep your energy level constant.

What About Caffeine?

The odd coffee won’t hurt, and caffeine can certainly give you an energy boost. However, it’s not great in the long term because it can lead to a drop in energy later in the day, which might not be good for long-distance courier jobs.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

Drowsiness whilst driving can have serious consequences, and if you are regularly driving on long-distance journeys as a courier then you may want to start concentrating on a diet that will help you to stay more alert. As well as your diet, you should also take regular breaks, exercise more, stretch during the day and open your window to help you to stay more alert.