Top Tips for Couriers – Eat Well, Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

If you’re a courier, do you ever find yourself getting drowsy on the road? If you travel on long journeys and find that after a while your eyes just won’t stay open, it could well be as a result of the food that you are eating. If you think that a huge fried breakfast and a burger for lunch is helping you out, then you may want to think again! Do yourself a favour and change your diet to help you stay more awake and alert on the road.


Did you know that apples are one of the best things you can eat to give you a boost on courier jobs and keep you alert in an entirely natural way? Take a few apples with you to eat on your journey and you may find that these keep you more awake than caffeine. In fact, any fruit is a good idea, because it is a good way to get a quick boost to your blood glucose level.

Whole Grains

Eating more whole grains is an excellent way to stay more alert when you are working as a courier. This is because whole grains take longer to digest and therefore provide you with a steady release of energy rather than giving you a huge energy hit followed by an energy crash. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and similar food which contains wheat, oat, barley or maize will give you more energy for longer.

Cold Water

Drinking cold water is one of the best ways to help you to stay awake working as a busy courier. Keep a bottle or two next to you, and whenever you take a break make sure that you drink some water as this will keep you more fresh and alert.

Eat Smaller Meals

Rather than having a massive breakfast and lunch, try to eat smaller meals more frequently. When you eat large meals you get a spike in blood-sugar levels followed by a crash which can affect you later on in the day, so try to keep your energy level constant.

What About Caffeine?

The odd coffee won’t hurt, and caffeine can certainly give you an energy boost. However, it’s not great in the long term because it can lead to a drop in energy later in the day, which might not be good for long-distance courier jobs.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

Drowsiness whilst driving can have serious consequences, and if you are regularly driving on long-distance journeys as a courier then you may want to start concentrating on a diet that will help you to stay more alert. As well as your diet, you should also take regular breaks, exercise more, stretch during the day and open your window to help you to stay more alert.