What is an Emergency Courier Service?

Emergency courier service is something that is offered by many if not most courier companies in order to respond to those concerns for shipping which cannot be handled by the regular service options which they make available. Many times this will include services from an airport courier service, as if speed is truly the most important thing for an emergency delivery than anything which is traveling a significant distance will have to be carried at least part of the way via air transport.

You can basically break down the emergency services which are offered by couriers into two different categories. There is medical emergency courier services, and business emergency business courier service. The business model is far more common.

Medical emergency courier service is only offered by those companies which already have all of the required permits and vehicles that allow them to transport medical material to begin with. These couriers have special training and equipment that allows them to move things like blood, test samples, and drugs. Sometimes, a medical emergency arises which demands a STAT delivery, which is what the emergency courier service will provide.

Business emergency courier services are used when time sensitive deliveries absolutely must be made as fast as possible. A good example of when this happens is when a manufacturing or industrial facility has a breakdown and needs parts delivered as fast as possible in order to get back online.

Typically speaking, all methods of transportation will be used for emergency shipping. This means that ground vehicles will be used when most practical, but air travel will be utilized if cross country shipping is required. Helicopters are also used sometimes for emergency shipping if they are deemed to be the most efficient shipping method.

Emergency couriers always have extra vehicles in their fleet which are solely dedicated to the shipping of goods on an emergency basis. If they were to use these vehicles for their regular shipments as well, they could be too far away or already full of cargo when an emergency order came in. Instead, they are kept ready and waiting, usually with drivers notified of being ‘on call’ so that they can be called in on a moment’s notice to make a delivery. This has been found by most couriers that offer this type of service to be the most efficient model under which emergency delivery service can be offered.